In 2017, Sam's Covers donated a total of 621 blankets, 12 therapy blankets, 60 pjs, and 60 bed sheets. We had several events starting in January and ending in December. All of these events help reach the number perviously mentioned. We raised a total value of $10,835

In 2016, Sam's Covers had several events starting from March all the way until December. We made and delivered 620 blankets, 80 bed sheets, 17 pairs of socks, along with other warming items. We raised a total value of over $10,000

In 2015, we collaborated with Holy Trinity's first communion classes and made 63 blankets.
In August, we collaborated with Rainbow Station and donated 3 boxes of toiletries.
That year we have donated 210 blankets, 80 bedding sets and about 40 pjs. We raised total value of over $6,000


In 2014 Sam's Covers was founded and donated 83 fleece blankets, 80 bedding sets and socks. We raised over $3,000.

Samantha and friends made and donated 33 blankets and 40 bed sheets. Total funds raised $600.

In 2012, Samantha and her friends made and donated 14 blankets.


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